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December 2020 : AGX become UK resellers for VampIR Systems.

    Having worked in close collaboration in developing the VampIR Infa-Red detection and analysis systems, AGX are proud to announce the launch of this new range of products in the UK. The VampIR range of systems start with the highly portable and simple to use Camera Kit or “CK” version and finish with the VampIR Professional. This “Pro” version being the highest quality, Lab based and DNA compatible system. AGX Holdings Ltd are the sole supplier and support agent for VampIR.    AGX

November 2020 : AGX supply the first EDS-2020 into the UK.

    The New AGX Evidence Disc System , EDS-2020 reads files from optical evidence discs, media cards and USB, analyses the file data and reports on the disc content. As each disc is processed, the attached camera. photographs the disc label to make sure the evidence chain is not compromised. AGX are the sole supplier and support agent for the EDS system in the UK.    AGX

October 2020 : “EASYLIFT” in operational use within the UK Police.

    There was a problem that needed a solution. Faint crime scene lifts are difficult to scan or photograph and made identification difficult. The Metropolitan Police Fingerprint Experts and Technicians approached the problem by developing and patenting a new process. The process captures these marks, producing extremely high quality and exceptional defined images. The Metropolitan Police asked AGX to produce a production model including software. The System produced is called “EASYLIFT”. Contact AGX for further details.    AGX

September 2020 : MOD training center upgrade to GraphicStation AS-19.

    AGX produce the approved MOD workstations for design and print, the GraphicStation. These units have been the workhorse of MOD Media offices over many years. We are therefore pleased to announce the latest model in the line, the GS-AS-19 system has been installed in numbers at a MOD training establishment near Salisbury plain . This unit once again moves the GraphicStation systems to the forefront of technology, improving the already high specification and performance whilst providing the highest support for the Adobe CC specification.    AGX

August 2020 : Two Harley Street medical facilities purchase APR.

    Our latest APR ( AGX - Perennity – Rimage ) turnkey solution for the medical industry offers to output medical images from any DICOM PACS to CD or DVD. With new software released, the Rimage and Perennity partnership continue to prove the standard in its market. The latest upgrades provide state-of-the-art encryption options to fore fill customers’ requirements for Data Protection and GDPR. By utilizing the latest RIMAGE CD/DVD autoloaders we provide stable, automated production of encrypted, personalised media with a fully customized label.    Perennity

July 2020 : MediaFiler announce a new partnership with AGX Holdings Ltd.

    MediaFiler Digital Asset Management ( or Media Asset Management ) software makes your life a great deal easier. Our web-based Image Library controls your digital media for your website and other channels. Store all your corporate photos, videos and other media files in one central place. MediaFiler’s image libraries help you to share these digital files in an EASY and SECURE way with colleagues and customers.    MediaFiler

June 2020 : Global healthcare company continues to invest in Microtek scanners

    A well known global healthcare company continues its investment in Microtek Professional 9800XL scanners. The Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL Plus is an A3 scanner specifically designed for the professional who requires exceptional image quality. An optical dynamic range of 3.7 Dmax delivers accurate colour, superb shadows and with a true optical resolution of 1600 dpi scanning captures a tremendous amount of detail allowing scans to be printed perfectly.    AGX Holdings Ltd

May 2020 : UK Police install DYELAB duplex photo printing solution

    The UK Police are now switching to DYELAB. With the demise, due to the inherent ongoing costs of Wet Labs and now Dry Labs, the new AGX DYELAB offers multiple print sizes with just one media roll providing a most impressive, economical solution to larger print sizes at high quality. A printing workhorse on a desktop, the DYELAB offers new ease and flexibility in 8 inch printing and double sided imaging. It comes with a new "one-of-a-kind" paper path switching method, never before seen in a small-size duplex machine. For more information please call AGX.    AGX Holdings Ltd

April 2020 : AGX launch the EDS-2020 Disc Content and File Data Analysis System

    The New Evidence Disc System EDS-2020 is the replacement for the now 10 year old EDS system. Reading files from optical evidence discs, it analyses the file data and reports on the disc content it finds. Get positive results with the EDS-2020 System by eliminating your backlog of optical media. Load up to one hundred discs into the system to automatically analyse each disc. As each disc is processed, the attached camera photographs the disc label to make sure the evidence chain is not compromised.    AGX Holdings Ltd

March 2020 : UK Police Procure Further Everspry “TreadScanner”

    Another UK Police force has successfully tested the Everspry “TreadScanner” and now purchased units for their custody suites. Forensic Footwear Department local trials, using their “proof of concept” testing has given immediate results and another force invests significantly in the Everspry product. With a 5 year support package as standard these units are being used regularly throughout the UK , giving constant and reliable results    Everspry

February 2020 : The NEW CP-M15E photo printer has arrived and at just £ 349.00 RRP

    Print like a PRO. The new CP-M15E retains the excellent performance and features of a professional photo printer at a much more affordable price. In thier continuous commitment to developing professional photography with the latest printing technology, Mitsubishi Electric have developed the new CP-M15E. This new small compact printer provides a much more accessible printer, without giving up on the traditional quality of our products and their features. With large printing capacity for optimum results, the CP-M15E is designed for use in all types of business, for home or professional use and by professional-quality photography lovers in general.    Mitsubishi CP-M15E

January 2020 : Taking the Mick ....

    More Micks delivered to the UK Police. AGX Holdings Ltd are the sole supplier of the AGX Mini Cube Kit ( or Mick for short ). These highly portable SD/CF/USB to CD/DVD devices are ideal for those who need to make evidential master copies in the field. The AGX Mick is used by CSI’s, Surveillance teams and Video specialists at the scene, indeed anyone who needs to burn data “away from the office”. Proven as a reliable tool and in use within most UK Police Forces the Mick is the only device of its type available. Now supplied with an optional power pack these units can become totally self-reliant.    AGX Holdings Ltd

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