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December 2019 : LIFT-SP4 continues to prove that its the solution for the future.

    Following on from our launch of Lift-SP4 this year, further UK Police forces are upgrading to the latest version of our Fingerprint and Footmark software. Now in use by various police forces in the UK for the handling of digital forensic images, Lift-SP4 allows forensic images of any type to be captured or imported then enhanced and examined. With AGXs long-standing relationship with UK police forces and an understanding of the processes involved, Lift-SP is a solution with the ability to efficiently handle forensic images and process thousands of images every month. With many new features added from the older versions, Lift-SP 4 gives the Forensic Imaging Expert the software they want, not what they are told to use    AGX Holdings Ltd

November 2019 : It Was 20 Years Ago Today ….

    Well almost. AGX was actually incorporated on 28th October 1999 ( just before the Millennium bug never happened ). Over the last 20 years we have seen many technologies come and go but we still work in the same area of expertise, “Computer Imaging”. We have a number of staff who are still here since those early days and their experience has become invaluable today. This shows in the way we still support many customers from those early days 20 years ago. Essentially, AGX would just like to say a big “Thank You” to all our customers past and present.    AGX Holdings Ltd

October 2019 : AGX release DYELAB, the latest 8 inch duplex printing solution

    Once again AGX hardware expertise moves to another level, delivering a fully featured compact double-sided 8” duplex printer. With the demise of Wet Labs and now Dry Labs , our new DYELAB offers multiple print sizes with just one media roll providing a most impressive, economical solution to high quality larger print sizes. A printing workhorse on a desktop, the DYELAB offers new ease and flexibility in 8 inch printing and double sided imaging. It comes with a new "one-of-a-kind" paper path switching method, never before seen in a small-size duplex machine. For more information please call AGX.    AGX Products

September 2019 : AGX announce the NEW GraphicStation AS-19 system

    Being the approved MOD workstation for design and print, AGX GraphicStation 12CQ systems have been the workhorse of many MOD Media offices over the years. AGX are pleased to announce the latest model in the line, the AS-19 system. This unit once again moves the GraphicStation systems to the forefront of technology , improving the already high specification and performance whilst providing the highest support for the Adobe CC specification. Consistently being the choice of the Graphics and Video Professional within the MOD, the GraphicStation AS-19 provides for the increased requirements and expectations of Media Experts and their larger volume of work.    AGX Products

August 2019 : Major London Clinic upgrades to the latest APR software

    Our latest APR software ( AGX - Perennity – Rimage ) offers turnkey solutions for the medical industry to output medical images from any DICOM PACS to CD, DVD. Within the new software released is the Rimage PSS V9 and Perennity V5.1. These upgrades provide state-of-the-art encryption options to fore fill customers’ requirements for Data Protection and GDPR. By utilizing RIMAGE CD/DVD autoloaders, we provide stable automated production of encrypted, personalised media with a fully customized label    Perennity

July 2019 : UK Police purchase further AGX Cube Police Version Duplicators

    Following initial testing and then a full trial, a major London police force has purchased a number of AGX cube units to support their imaging requirements. AGX supply our “Police Version” duplicators to various government organisations and are a robust and reliable device for archiving and duplicating media cards to CD and DVD. We supply 2 versions of "Police Duplicator", the Cube and the MiCK. The Cube is a standalone Media to CD/DVD duplicator whilst the MiCK ( or Mini Cube Kit ) provides the same standard of duplicating with the advantage of portability.    AGX Cube

June 2019 : AGX launch "SWORD" – Secure, Write Once, Read Data

    Protecting data securely has now become vitally important to many security conscious organisations. As such AGX are please to announce our latest product , the "SWORD" System ( Secure, Write Once, Read Data ), the next generation of custom printed, light weight, portable, fully secure, read only, USB Drives. The AGX SWORD device provides the ability to easily distribute or store larger amounts of data than ever before, both safely and securely. Utilising the latest in USB media technology and 256 bit high security encryption it can produce securely encrypted, write once, read many, label printed, USB media meaning you don’t have to worry about loss of data, alteration or content infection.    SWORD

May 2019 : AGX supply further Everspry EverOS “TreadScanners”.

    After the Forensic Footwear departments success of their “proof of concept” testing, another UK police force is investing in the AGX -Everspry EverOS TreadScanner. These rugged "stand on" scanners are designed to be used in custody suites and easily obtain a suspect's footwear pattern. This can then be analysed locally in the Forces local shoeprint database or compared in the UK National Footwear Database.    Everspry

April 2019 : AGX attend the EBME-EXPO in Milton Keynes.

    The EBME (Electronic and biomedical engineering) conference and exhibition provides a venue for the sharing and application of knowledge from experienced healthcare technology professionals. AGXs interest in the Healthcare sector extends from Sony and Mitsubishi medical imaging and printing, through the latest APR-DICOM systems to the new requirements of Data Erasure. We showcased the HD-2 Disk Degausser and PD-5 Crusher.    HD-2 IronClad

March 2019 : Garner NSA approved Data Degauss and Destroy For Government.

    As the UK Government reseller for Garner, AGX supply and install degaussers and destroyers to various government organisations. As part of their requirements a number of these users specify NSA listed devices. One such customer has just purchased a 2nd Garner DDM, Degauss and Destroy Mobility. This option delivers mobility while satisfying the NSA/CSS SDDM 9-12 recommendation to physically destroy hard drives after degaussing. The unit combines the NSA/CSS EPL-listed TS-1 Degausser and a PD-5 Hard Drive with Solid-State Memory Destroyer.    GARNER

February 2019 : LIFT-SP4 on schedule and orders taken.

    Following on from our announcement regarding Lift-SP4 various new UK Police forces intend to initiated trials. Designed with and used by police forces in the UK for the handling of digital forensic images, Lift-SP4 allows forensic images to be captured, enhanced and examined efficiently. Based on a long-standing relationship with various police forces, and an understanding of the processes involved Lift-SP provides the ability for handling forensic images and is used to process thousands of images every month. With these features: Inspect and Compare, Enhance, Built in Note taking and Annotation, Capture, Print & Burn, Court Presentation, and the Image Management Dashboard Lift-SP 4 gives the Expert the software they asked for.    LIFT-SP

January 2019 : Police grow their Adobe Creative Teams.

    As a specialist Adobe supplier in the UK, AGX supply the Adobe Creative Teams product to a number of Government organisations. Most of these appreciate the difference between the AGX supplied product and the standard “off the shelf”. For over 20 years AGX has supplied and supported Adobe products into both the Government and Professional Markets giving us a depth of experience rarely found elsewhere. For more information call AGX.    Adobe CC Teams

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