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May 2024 :

DX-CD2 the latest in Disc Destruction.

    The DX-CD2™ Destruction Device is a CD-ROM and DVD destruction device produced by the industry leader in the field of optical digital data destruction. With current regulations, any person or company that does not properly dispose of digital records faces a major liability. Your organization can be assured that your digital information has been permanently and safely destroyed. Join the thousands of customers who sleep at night knowing their digital records are no longer in use and can never be used again.    DX-CD2


April 2024 :

UK Police procure further Everspry “TreadScanners”

    UK Police forces continue to purchase the unique Everspry “TreadScanner” units for their custody suites. Following forensic footwear department trials, using their “proof of concept” testing and actual operational use have provided immediate positive results. With a 5 year support package as standard these units are being used regularly throughout the UK, giving constant and reliable results.    TreadScanner/a>


March 2024 :

AGX-RIMAGE Catalyst system supplied to major manufacturer.

    Rimage Catalyst is the latest in the Rimage line of disc publishing systems, and is ideal for customers with medium-volume requirements. Catalyst is the perfect hybrid of the rugged durability of Producer, with the features of a Professional system. Engineered with filtered positive airflow, the Rimage Catalyst is ideal for reliable operations even in challenging environmental conditions.   


February 2024 :

Adobe Creative Cloud licence renewals.

    As a long time Adobe channel partner and reseller to the UK MOD and Police, AGX continue to supply and support the Creative Cloud suite of products. Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications used for graphic design, video editing, web development and photography, along with a set of mobile applications and also some optional cloud services. As a creative professional Adobe can give you almost endless possibilities.    Creative Cloud


January 2024 :

A New Year – A New Product – Q C D

    With the field of scanners increasingly becoming a more specialist market, manufactures are no longer developing or producing scanners designed for the capture and scanning of fingerprints. AGX have been preparing for this change by researching and developing a new digital device to provide the solution to capture and image fingerprint lifts, the result of this research and development is the creation and production of the AGX QCD or Quick Capture Device.    AGX QCD


December 2023 :

RAF purchase new large format printers.

    After years of constant and reliable service the old HP large format printers at the RAF have been replaced by the current model the HP DesignJet Z6 Pro 64” printer. This printer provides high precision and fine line detail, achieving the finest details, sharp contour lines & text. With the dual roll option they also have two media types/sizes online with automatic roll switching, reducing media change time by up to 40%.  HP Z6


November 2023 :

5 Rimage 8300N systems to be supplied.

    The “next generation” Producer V is the most powerful disc publishing system from Rimage, engineered for 24×7 performance. With industrial grade robotics, direct-to-disc printing and professional recording technologies the Producer V meets the world’s most challenging disc publishing demands for CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs™. The Producer V 8300N also includes a powerful embedded PC for all-in-one operation.  Rimage


October 2023 :

Lift-SP4 1.8 is realeased.

    AGX is pleased to announce that as another “new” force purchases our highly regarded LIFT-SP forensic software, the latest version 1.8 is now also on beta testing with two “developer” forces before general release later int the year. LIFT-SP 4 v1.8 now includes ...ACE-V Quality Analysis, Exhibit and analysis reports with case spreadsheet generation, Live casework screens , NIST Export, Region of interest display and more. . For more information contact AGX or take a look here :  Lift-SP4


September 2023 :

Further NHS Hospitals purchase Avision.

    The Avision AD225WN is the portable solution for batch scanning. At 11.8 inches long and weighting only 1500 grams, with built-in automatic document feeder (ADF) and card scanner it’s a very powerful ye compact solution. With the innovative design of a fordable automatic document feeder and a front/rear tray, the AD225WN is easy to travel with and lets you bring productivity of batches scanning to any workplace.  Avision


August 2023 :

RIMAGE RFID Upgrade Project

    With the decreasing availability of the old style E400/600 Ribbons by October 2023, Rimage have a program for upgrading end customers to the latest RFID technology. The new ribbon generation uses advanced RFID technology and can save the information of used prints directly on the Ribbon. For More information please contact us at AGX.  RFID Upgrades


July 2023 :

AGX Announce the latest GraphicStation : Creator-23

    GraphicStation is the approved MOD workstation for design and print. These AGX supplied units have been the workhorse of MOD Media offices for many years. We are therefore pleased to announce the latest 2023 windows 11 model, the GraphicStation Creator-23. These Workstations once again are built specifically for the Graphics and Video user using state-of-the-art technology. These latest GraphicStation systems, provide very high specification and performance whilst providing the highest support available for the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products.    GS-Creator-23


June 2023 :

AGX Holdings continue to support MediaFiler customers

    MediaFiler ready-to-use Digital Asset Management solutions can keep all your organisation’s media in one central place so everyone can find what they need and use it fast. Manage access rights, controlled vocabularies, distribution and track the use of your media. Securely share your media with colleagues and partners. Connect to social media and applications. MediaFiler can help you to share these digital files in an EASY and SECURE way with colleagues and customers.    Mediafiler


May 2023 :

The AGX Cube - Police Duplicator, still going strong

    Still going strong, the AGX cube units continue to fulfil Police force imaging requirements. AGX are the sole supplier of the “Police Version” media card to DVD archiving device to various government organisations. This robust and reliable device has two versions, the Cube and the MiCK. The Cube is a standalone Media to CD/DVD duplicator whilst the MiCK ( or Mini Cube Kit ) provides the same standard of duplicating with the advantage of portability.    AGX CUBE


April 2023 :

UK Police forces integrate TreadScanner

    Further UK Police forces have successfully integrated the AGX / Everspry “TreadScanner” into their Footwear Workflow and purchased units for their custody suites. Forensic Footwear Departments ran local trials using their “proof of concept” testing which gave immediate results. Giving constant and reliable results these units are being used regularly throughout the UK    Everspry


March 2023 :

UK Government purchase further FastNAS

    A department of the UK Government have invested in further GraphicStation FastNAS systems. These units are the ideal storage platform for those with a requirement for high performance 10GB NAS. Supplied with unique hybrid disk technology and powered by the cutting edge CORE 4 operating system, FASTNAS is known for safe, secure, reliable, and incredibly FAST solutions    Contact AGX


February 2023 :

AGX the Citizen Service Centre for Photo Printers in the UK.

    Citizen Systems Europe have assigned AGX Holdings Ltd to be their Regional Service Centre for the UK. AGX will hande all warranty and non-warranty repairs for Citizen Photo Printers in the UK . This service will includes the whole photo printer range : CZ-01, CY-02, CX-02, CX-02S, CX-02W and OP900II printers.    Citizen Photo


January 2023 :

MOD upgrade to GraphicStation GS-AS-23.

    GraphicStation is the approved MOD workstation for design and print. These AGX supplied units have been the workhorse of MOD Media offices for many years. We are therefore pleased to announce the latest 2023 model, the GS-AS-23 system. Having now been installed in a number of MOD establishments they once again moves these design centres to the forefront of technology. These latest GraphicStation systems, provide very high specification and performance whilst providing the highest support available for the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products.    GraphicStation


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