AGX spotted the requirement for a bespoke imaging system for use in the forensic arena after talking to practitioners in the British Police. There were many off the shelf solutions that could have provided an answer but none of them were ideally suited to the specific police application. The precise demand was for a fast, simple, easy to use application for scanning and printing fingerprint lifts at a 1:1 ratio. AGX was able to combine Microtek Scanning technology, Dye Sublimation Printing Technology and a bespoke software package to innovate a system that is now known as LIFT-SP. The AGX LIFT-SP system has been very successful and is currently in use in 20 different British Police Forces.

Sussex Police were so impressed with the product that they again engaged with AGX to develop a much wider application for the system. Following on from this in 2013 a new product has been developed specifically aimed at improving the workflow of crime scene imagery through to identification suites. As a result of this collaboration the latest LIFT-SP3 systems are now available.

In the Sussex Fingerprint Bureau we have found the AGX LIFT-SP3 Solution to be very reliable and produce 1:1 photographs of fingerprint 'lifts' of a very high quality, quickly and easily. It has been readily incorporated into our working practices proving to be a cost-effective replacement for the obsolete Camtak Processor we previously used.

The touch screen enables fingerprint officers to quickly and easily manage the scanning of lifts, to undertake the simple enhancement of different areas of ridge detail on the lifts and then print off the image on the AGX Forensic Dye-Sublimation printer. The overall time taken from scanning a lift to printing off a photographic copy is typically less than 40 seconds.

We are confident that this system will continue to perform to our expectations and also provide a platform to be utilised with the remote transmission of marks from crime scenes.

As Head of Bureau I have no hesitation in recommending the AGX Solution.

Steve Mewett
Head of Fingerprint Bureau, Sussex Police